ARIAcute Respiratory Infection
ASFRAge Specific Fertility Rate
BECBroad Economic Category
BCGBacillus Camete Guerin
BERDBusiness Enterprise Research & Development expenditure
BORBed Occupancy Rate
BOUBank of Uganda
CDOCommunity Development Officer
CETCommon External Tariff
CPIConsumer Price Index
EAEnumeration Area
EAC-CETEAC Common External Tariff
ECDEarly Childhood Development
EGRExpenditure Gap Ratio
EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
DENIVADevelopment Network for Indigenous Voluntary Organisations
FPOSFundamental Principles of Official Statistics
GDIGender-related Development Index
GEMGender Empowerment Measure
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GERGross Enrolment Rate
GERDGross Domestic Expenditure on Research and Development
GOVERDGovernment Research & Development expenditure
GIRGross Intake Rate
GISGeographical Information System
GDPGross Domestic Product
GNPGross National Product
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HCRHead-Count Ratio
HDIHuman Development Index
HERDHigher Education Research and Development expenditure
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HSCODEHarmonised Commodity Description and Coding System
HLGsHigher Local Governments
HRSTHuman Resources in Science and Technology
HSSPHealth Sector Support Programme
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
ICDInternational Classification of Disease
ICFInternational Classification of Functioning Disability and Health
IECInternational Electro technical Commission
IoPIndex of Production
ISCEDInternational Standard Classification of Education
ISCOInternational Standard Classification of Occupation
ISOInternational Organisation for Standardisation
ISICInternational Standard Industrial Classification
IPFsIndicative Planning Figures
LANLocal Area Network
LCLocal Council
LFALogical Framework Approach
LFMLogical Framework Matrix
LLGsLower Local Governments
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
MAAIFMinistry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries
MDAsMinistries, Departments and Agencies
MGLSDMinistry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
MLHUDMinistry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
MEMDMinistry of Energy and Mineral Development
MoHMinistry of Health
MoESMinistry of Education and Sports
MoFPEDMinistry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
MoWTMinistry of Works and Transport
MTEFMedium Term Expenditure Framework
MTCIMinistry of Trade, Cooperatives and Industries
MWTHMinistry of Wildlife, Tourism and Heritage
MOVMeans of Verification NER Net Enrolment Rate
NGLNatural Gas
NGONon-Government Organisation
NIRNet Intake Rate
NSSNational Statistical System
NMHCPNational Minimum Health Care Package
OPDOut-Patient Department
ORSOral Rehydration Salts
OINOther Items Net P0 Head Count Ratio
PNPERDPrivate Non-profit Research and Development Expenditure
PNSDPlan for National Statistical Development
PAYEPay As You Earn
PPIProducer Price Index
PPI-MProducer Price Index for Manufacturing
PPI-H&RProducer Price Index for Hotels and Restaurants
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal
PWDsPersons With Disabilities
PLAParticipatory Learning and Action
R&DResearch and experimental Development
SITCStandard International Trade Classification
SRSSimple Random Sampling
SNASystem of National Accounts
STSScience and Technology Services
STETScientific and Technological Education and Training
RRARapid Rural Appraisal
TTTetanus Toxoid
UBOSUganda Bureau of Statistics
UNUnited Nations
UNBSUganda National Bureau of Standards
UNCSTUganda National Council for Science and Technology
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
USDUS Dollars
UPEUniversal Primary Education
UPFUganda Police Force
UPSUganda Prisons Services
URAUganda Revenue Authority
UPHCUganda Population and Housing Census
VATValue Added Tax
VIPVentilated Improved Latrine
WHOWorld Health Organisation
WWWWorld Wide Web